Tomodachi Fest 10


Tomodachi Fest 10 is currently accepting Event/Panel submission.

Tomodachi Fest 10 Events:

Rules for submitting an Event/Panel Application

Send your submission via email to with
the title "Tomodachi Fest 10 Event/Panel"

Please include the following:

*The name of your event/panel.

*A description of your event/panel. This will be used for the website and program book, so please make sure it is complete.

*Your preferred Day/Time for your event/panel, as well as alternative day/time you'll accept.

Important Notes:
There will only be 1 event room this year, Main Events. This can make scheduling a bit tight.
After your event/panel, you'll receive $10 in cash. There is ONE $10 credit for each event/panel, not per person involved.

Tomodachi Fest will be running the following: Cosplay Contest
Swimsuit Contest
Batsu Games
and more...