Tomodachi Fest 10


Tomodachi Fest 10 Artist Alley is closed.

Tomodachi Fest 10 Artist Alley:

Rules for submitting an Artist Alley Application

Send your submission via email to with
the title "Tomodachi Fest 10 Artist Alley"

Please include the following:

*A 500 pixel wide by 100 pixel tall image for their table(s)/space.

*A 15-40 word description for thier table(s)/space. *Html links can be included and WILL now be made clickable on the Tomodachi Fest website.

*Pictures or image files of the art/products to be sold at the table(s)/space. Additional pictures may be included that show previous displays or anything the artist feels relevant.

*A brief written statement as to why you should be selected.

Artist Alley tables are free this year.

Each Artist is limited to 1 table.

Each artist or assistant must have a valid Tomodachi Fest 10 badge on them at all times in the artist alley.

Upon acceptance to the artist alley, each artist must purchase their Tomodachi Fest 10 badge within 2 weeks or provide proof that their badge has already been purchased.

Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm Sunday September 17th.
Selections will be announced on Sunday September 24th.