Tomodachi Fest 9


Recent Update!

We are now accepting Artist Alley applications

Purchase your tickets in Septmeber to save.

Artist Alley Applications are now open.

Heya. It's me, Jeremy Lopett. You may know me from Anime Oasis, but starting this year, I am also in charge of Tomodachi Fest again.

Let's talk about Artist Alley. Artist Alley is the part of the convention were artist sell their work. To be completely honest, I have felt that Artist Alley at Tomodachi Fest has been lacking energy the last couple of years (for reasons that have nothing to do with the artists involved.) I have been looking at new layouts and configurations to reenergize the Artist Alley and should be making a decision on which direction to go in the very near future.

Even though the details have not yet been confirmed, we are going to open the Artist Alley application process. We will be accepting between 10-12 artists for artist alley this year. I am well aware there is probably more interested than just artists; however, this number has been determined as the balance for what Tomodachi Fest can support and the final number will be determined by the layout. I am firmly a believer in balance rather than selling as much as possible.

So~~~~~~ You want to apply for Artist Alley... The cost for accepted artists will be $10. In addition, every person at the convention must have a valid Tomodachi Fest 9 badge, which can be purchased in advance, at the door, is free if you are 55+ or have an Anime Oasis Lifetime membership.
Tomodachi Fest uses a system very similar to Anime Oasis. This will be a portfolio application. Please send an email to with the title "Tomodachi Fest 9 Artist Alley" with the following information:
Your name
The name of your artist table
A description of the artwork/goods to be sold at your table.
Some reasons why you should be accepted.
*Pictures of your artwork/goods are very helpful too!!

If accepted, you'll be required to submit the AO/Tomo standard 500 pixel wide by 100 pixel high image and a 15-40 word description (can contain web links) for your table.

Applications must be submitted by 11:59PM MST on Sunday Sept 18th. Announcement of accepted artists will be made on Sunday Sept 25th.

I'm sure you'll let me know if you have questions. Good luck and I look forward to a successful year with you.

Jeremy Lopett

Tomodachi Fest Chairman